ReHold is perpetually in a phase of innovation and advancement. With the introduction of our latest platform iteration — ReHold V2, we aim to present our community with an upgraded, cost-effective, and user-centric platform.

Transition to V2

Making Way for the Future: Migration from V1 to V2

To drive users towards this superior platform, we're implementing a pivotal change. Effective immediately, APR rates on ReHold V1 will be adjusted downwards to 20%. This strategic reduction serves a dual purpose:

  1. Encouraging Migration: The reduced APR on V1 is a clear nudge for our user base to transition to ReHold V2. The new platform is fortified with features such as Limit Orders, Ethereum Mainnet support, and the pioneering Flex APRs. By migrating to V2, users can ensure they access the pinnacle of what the decentralized finance arena has to offer.
  2. Introducing Flex APRs: Flex APRs are a stellar feature of ReHold V2. They operate dynamically with the market's ebb and flow and our platform's sophisticated algorithms to guarantee maximized returns. More crucially, the APR set at the time of creating a Dual remains constant throughout its duration. This stability allows users to devise strategies and capitalize on rates when they peak. This ever-changing nature of Flex APRs has the potential to offer higher yields than static APRs, magnifying your earning prospects.

We regard our transition from V1 to V2 as a reflection of our steadfast commitment to evolution, ensuring that our users always have the best seat in the house of the crypto revolution. For a more detailed exploration of ReHold V2, please refer to our article:

Your unwavering trust and support propel us forward. Thank you!

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