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Jan 2023

Dual Investment & Referral Program

Stage 1

Q1 2023

Rewards & Achievements NFT

Stage 2

Q2 2023

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Stage 3

Q2 2023

New networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche.

Stage 4

Q3 2023

Cross-Chain Bridge

Stage 5

Q3 2023

Token Pre-Sale & Airdrop


Q4 2023





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Renat Gafarov

10+ years in FinTechs, crypto enthusiast since 2017. $750M under management, experienced with big capital and different market strategies.

Renat Gafarov


Michael Semin

5+ years in engineering high load financial apps with 1M users from 100+ countries. Experienced in trading engines and smart contracts.

Michael Semin

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What is ReHold?
ReHold — a decentralized company on the BNB chain founded by Renat Gafarov & Mikhail Semin. Founders have very solid experience in building Fintech companies (previously have leadership positions in centralized & regulated crypto companies since 2017).

The company's mission is to give opportunities to increase the passive income of retail users in the decentralized world without any specific knowledge.
What is Dual Investment?
Dual Investment gives you an opportunity to utilize your crypto assets and earn high APRs via CLMMs with a minimum experience of DeFi.

ReHold offers the most effective strategies to stake your crypto assets in Liquidity Pools based on the algorithmic calculation of price range.
Why is it so high APR?
ReHold earns from providing liquidity in DEXs pools via the concentrated liquidity feature: when you allocate liquidity in a limited price range of the pool, you will earn all the fees paid by users trading in this range. ReHold's innovative algorithm allows us to choose the best price range to provide liquidity.

To get a better understanding of it, you can check our article on Medium.
Why should I trust ReHold?
ReHold is a decentralized company based on smart contracts on BNB Chain. Code is a law (open-source on GitHub), so if you opened a Dual Investment on a specific pool with any amount, you will receive your profit from the smart contract after the staking period ends.

ReHold has public founders with a lot of experience in Fintech, who are always open to discussing users' wishes and complaints.

The largest media Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Benzinga wrote about ReHold. You can easily find these articles by yourself on Google.
What are the limits of using Dual Investment?
ReHold limits the minimum and maximum user input amount for each Dual Investment to utilize funds effectively on CLMMs and avoid market slippages.

Also, ReHold limits the maximum amount of each pool (e.g. BTCB/USDT) to avoid imbalance and losses when trading volume is not enough on DEXs.

Due to these limits, ReHold's business model is very stable in the different market phases and the company can always pay the guaranteed interest to its users.
What are the benefits of using Dual Investment?
High yield. ReHold offers up to 220% APR thanks to the effective price range calculation on CLMMs.

Easy. You don't have to make up sophisticated trading strategies to earn — simply lock your tokens and claim more in 12 or 24 hours.

Non-custodial. ReHold is a DeFi tool, so there's no registration and the platform never has access to your private keys.
What are the best strategies for Dual Investment?
  1. If you believe that the price will go up, then the best option is to create a Dual Investment with stablecoins USDT, USDC, or BUSD as an entry ticker.
  2. If you believe that the price will go down, then you should create a Dual Investment with crypto BTC, ETH, BNB (and other cryptos) as an entry ticker.
  3. If there's no volatility in the market, your entry ticker doesn't matter, you may receive guaranteed profit on any ticker you want.

  1. If you would like to buy crypto by the market price or increase your stables you may create a Dual Investment with stables and you will receive crypto with a discount or your stables with profit.
  2. If you would like to sell crypto at a high price or increase your crypto you may create a Dual Investment with crypto and you will sell crypto at a better price or increase your crypto.
What is Auto Replay?
Auto Replay — a feature to reinvest your tokens after the staking period ends without paying a gas commission. It allows you to increase your profit and reduce costs on blockchain transactions.

The best strategy to use Auto Replay is a unidirectional market (when crypto goes only down or only up) or it's flat with low volatility. When it's high volatility in the market, you should understand the possible risks in these periods.
How can I receive NFT?
During the Private Launch, you have an opportunity to receive 2 NFTs from ReHold.

To receive "Early Adopter" NFT you should create at least 2 Dual Investments with any amount on any trading pair.

To receive Gold "Early Adopter" NFT you should invite at least 2 friends who will open 1 Dual Investment with any amount on any trading pair.
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