ReHold V2 is a milestone in our protocol's evolution, setting new standards in the decentralized finance arena. This update introduces pivotal features like Limit Orders and Ethereum Mainnet deployment, backed by a two-layer scaling system that significantly reduces gas costs. It underscores our dedication to a user-centric and cost-effective platform. Welcome to the power of ReHold V2.

Introducing ReHold V2

Discover ReHold V2

ReHold V2 is the next iteration of our pioneering protocol, offering an enriched user experience, improved scalability, and optimized cost efficiency. This version comes with an array of innovative features, all designed to enhance user utility and to foster a thriving environment for managing digital assets.

In the heart of ReHold V2 is a two-layer scaling system, which is paired seamlessly with Ethereum Mainnet deployment. This powerful duo forms the backbone of our advanced platform, offering users exceptional performance and significantly reducing gas costs.

Adding to this robust infrastructure is the introduction of Limit Orders and Flex APRs, strategic tools that offer users an unprecedented level of control over their investments. These features have not only expanded the potential of our platform but also aligned it with the evolving needs of our users in the decentralized finance space.

ReHold V2 operates on the Arbitrum Nova network, a Layer 2 blockchain within the Ethereum ecosystem known for its high transactions per second (TPS) and stability. By choosing Arbitrum Nova for its cost-effectiveness and superior TPS, we've ensured a dynamic and robust environment for ReHold, especially for the efficient functioning of Limit Orders. This choice not only amplifies our platform's capabilities in the decentralized finance space but also provides our users with a more affordable experience, as Arbitrum Nova offers transaction fees that are over 150 times lower than other L2 solutions.

For those keen on diving deeper into the mechanics and philosophies driving ReHold V2, we recommend reading our Whitepaper V2.

Limit Orders

Limit Orders, a distinctive feature of ReHold V2, provide a dynamic new approach to investment strategies. They activate when the market reaches a user-specified price point, both above or below the current market value, offering unmatched flexibility in managing investments without needing to lock user tokens.

Limit Dual

The introduction of Limit Orders has transformed the trading experience by enabling users to create an unlimited number of orders that trigger at the desired price levels. A notable advantage of this feature is its gas-free operation, dramatically reducing the costs associated with trading while maximizing potential returns.

One of the key highlights of Limit Orders is the complete control it offers users over their funds. Your money stays in your wallet until the transaction is triggered. If your wallet lacks sufficient funds to execute an order at the time of trigger, the order is automatically cancelled. This ensures secure and hassle-free trading.

Limit Dual

An additional feature unique to Limit Orders is the Fixed APR. Users have control over not just the opening price, but also the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a deal. If the APR at the time of execution doesn't align with the user-defined rate, the transaction is automatically cancelled. This brings an extra layer of security to the trading process.

For a deeper dive into Limit Orders and how they can enhance your investment strategies, visit our detailed blog post.

Ethereum Mainnet

With the integration of Ethereum Mainnet, ReHold V2 has significantly expanded its capabilities. Our platform now supports a total of six blockchain networks, namely Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Avalanche. This strategic move vastly broadens the scope of our network and enables us to reach a wider audience across various blockchain ecosystems.

This integration solidifies ReHold's commitment to continuously improving user experience and accessibility. By offering compatibility with a diverse range of blockchains, we ensure that users can leverage their preferred network to take advantage of ReHold V2's innovative features.

Flex APRs

Flex APRs are an innovative feature in ReHold V2, working dynamically in response to market conditions and the platform's intelligent algorithms to ensure optimized returns. This dynamic adjustment means APR can decrease or significantly increase, bringing a new layer of flexibility and strategy to yield generation. Crucially, the APR at the time of creating a Dual is locked in for the duration of that Dual, allowing users to strategize and lock in rates when they are at their highest. This dynamic nature of Flex APRs potentially offers higher returns than static APRs, enhancing your earning potential.

Flex APRs

CertiK Audit

In the realm of DeFi, security is paramount. ReHold acknowledges this by ensuring strict standards of platform integrity. We have been audited by CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm, a testament to our unwavering commitment to user safety.

The results of the CertiK audit are impressive, with ReHold achieving a security score that places us in the top 15% of all audited projects. This score is a reflection of our robust security measures and signifies our commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable platform.

CertiK Audit

Importantly, the audit revealed no critical bugs in our system, affirming the strength of our infrastructure and the proficiency of our development team. Nevertheless, we remain proactive in our approach to security, running an active Bug Bounty Program to incentivize the discovery and reporting of any potential vulnerabilities.

CertiK's assessment of ReHold's fundamental health is equally positive. This evaluation considers various aspects of a project's health, including its operational, technological, and community strengths. This recognition reinforces our position as a trustworthy and secure platform in the DeFi space.

Because at ReHold, your safety is our priority. For a deeper look into our security measures and audit results, visit CertiK Skynet: 

Upcoming Highlights & Loyalty Program

The horizon at ReHold promises exciting features and initiatives beyond the advancements of V2. Our commitment to continually enhancing the user experience and rewarding our community is unwavering.

We're on the brink of introducing a distinct Loyalty Program tailored for our steadfast users. Expect exclusive NFT bonuses and a unique ranking system.

Our loyalty token, $REDY, is gearing up for its debut. Various avenues will be available for acquiring $REDY, be it through auctions, earning from Duals, referrals, or using the Zealy feature. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated $REDY airdrop launching this September.

Additionally, as a token of our gratitude, everyone who creates at least one Dual deal by September will receive a commemorative V2 OG NFT.

Closing Thoughts

ReHold V2 is more than an upgrade; it's a paradigm shift, tailoring a world-class crypto trading and investment experience. The innovations of Limit Orders, the assimilation with Ethereum Mainnet, and the dynamic Flex APRs all resonate with our user-centric ethos. Our robust security measures, underscored by the outstanding CertiK audit results, attest to our relentless focus on user safety.

At ReHold, we're not just forging a platform but nurturing a community destined for collective growth. As we progress on this transformative journey, we invite you to be a part of it. The future of DeFi is unfolding, and it's being scripted by ReHold V2.

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