We've got exciting news! In appreciation of our dedicated community, we're thrilled to launch the "ReHold Referral Profit Race". This special week-long event sees an incredible boost in our referral program from 10% to a whopping 20%! Double your referral earnings without any limitations on the amount.

Referral Profit Race (1).png

Event Details & Terms

Mark your calendars! The Referral Profit Race runs for a week from June 19 to June 25. Here are the key points to note:

  • Referral earnings for all participants are doubled to 20% for the duration of the event, with no limits on referrals.
  • Inviting five or more referrals earns you the Ambassador role in our Discord community.
  • During the event, a leaderboard contest will run, with the top referrers sharing a total prize pool of $400 -- 1st Place: $150 -- 2nd Place: $75 -- 3rd Place: $40 -- 4th Place: $20 -- 5th Place: $15

Additional Sprint Event on Zealy

In addition to the Referral Profit Race, we're hosting a sprint event on Zealy with a prize pool of $200. The prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Place: $80
  • 2nd Place: $50
  • 3rd Place: $30
  • 4th Place: $20
  • 5th Place: $20

Using ReHold's Referral Program

Not sure how to use our Referral System? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit: https://app.rehold.io/referral
  2. Get your unique referral link.
  3. Share this link with your friends and communities.
  4. Earn 20% of the income generated by those you've referred during the event.

Some key features of our referral program are:

  • Users are permanently linked to the referring address after connecting their wallet to the app.
  • Referral earnings are immediately credited in USDT upon the completion of a Dual.
  • Our referral program operates across various chains and supports withdrawals to any network available within the ReHold application.
  • You can withdraw earnings at your convenience.

Get ready to increase your earnings and enjoy the thrill of the race with ReHold Referral Profit Race!

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