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Renat Gafarov

10+ years in FinTechs, crypto enthusiast since 2017. $750M under management, experienced with big capital and different market strategies.

Renat Gafarov


Michael Semin

5+ years in engineering high load financial apps with 1M users from 100+ countries. Experienced in trading engines and smart contracts.

Michael Semin

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What is ReHold?
ReHold is an innovative DeFi protocol that uses the mechanics of CLMMs to enable short trades with high annual returns. The secret lies in the precision of setting price ranges in CLMM — this enables us to provide high returns on investments exclusively designed for a concise time frame of 12- or 24-hours. The income is generated by providing liquidity to DEX pools using the CLMM feature and collecting all fees from trades made within our chosen price range. We have a unique algorithm that helps us identify the most profitable price range for liquidity provision.

Founded by Renat Gafarov and Michael Semin, ReHold supports seven chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base. Our mission is to boost retail users' passive income in the decentralized world, without the need for specialist knowledge.
What is Dual Investment?
Dual Investment is a unique staking feature that promises high APRs over the short term. It involves a pair of tokens such as ETH/USDT, where you choose one to lock for either 12- or 24-hours, based on the staking plan. After this period, you can claim back your locked amount along with the guaranteed yield. This yield is paid out regardless of the price movement. Once claimed, the total amount, inclusive of the yield (fixed at the time of Dual Investment creation), is returned to your wallet.
What is ReHold V2?
ReHold V2, capitalizing on a two-layer scaling system, marks the debut of remarkable features like Limit Orders and Ethereum deployment. With the advent of new contracts, we've managed to significantly slash gas costs to levels comparable to standard token transfers. This innovative shift underlines ReHold’s commitment to shaping a user-friendly, affordable, and universally accessible crypto platform. Additionally, to further heighten these advantages, ReHold V2 also harnesses the capabilities of the Arbitrum Nova network, celebrated for its superior transactions per second (TPS) and stability.
Why is the APR so high?
ReHold earns from providing liquidity in DEXs pools via the concentrated liquidity feature: when you allocate liquidity in a limited price range of the pool, you will earn all the fees paid by users trading in this range. ReHold's innovative algorithm allows us to choose the best price range to provide liquidity.

To get a better understanding of it, you can check our blog post.
Why should I trust ReHold?
ReHold is a decentralized company based on smart contracts operating across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base. We utilize a Layer 2 solution on Arbitrum Nova to enhance security. Our code is open-source and available on GitHub, ensuring transparency. Once you participate in a specific Dual Investment pool, the smart contract guarantees your returns post-staking period.

We've successfully undergone comprehensive audits conducted by CertiK and PeckShield, leading names in the security industry. For regular security surveillance, we've incorporated Hacken's Extractor. Additionally, with the rise of DeFi threats, we're doubling down on your security at ReHold. We maintain an active Bug Bounty Program with CertiK, ensuring constant vigilance for platform integrity.

ReHold has public founders with a lot of experience in Fintech, who are always open to discussing users' wishes and complaints.

The largest media Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Benzinga wrote about ReHold. You can easily find these articles by yourself on Google.
What are the benefits of using Dual Investment?
High yield. ReHold offers up to 220% APR thanks to the effective price range calculation on CLMMs.

Easy. You don't have to make up sophisticated trading strategies to earn — simply lock your tokens and claim more in 12 or 24 hours.

Non-custodial. ReHold is a DeFi tool, so there's no registration and the platform never has access to your private keys.
What are the best strategies for Dual Investment?
  1. If you believe that the price will go up, then the best option is to create a Dual Investment with stablecoins USDT, USDC, or BUSD as an entry ticker.
  2. If the price goes down, then you should create a Dual Investment with crypto BTC, ETH, and BNB (and other cryptos) as an entry ticker.
  3. If there's no volatility in the market, your entry ticker doesn't matter, you may receive guaranteed profit on any ticker you want.

  1. If you would like to buy crypto by the market price or increase your stables you may create a Dual Investment with stables and you will receive crypto with a discount or your stables with profit.
  2. If you would like to sell crypto at a high price or increase your crypto you may create a Dual Investment with crypto and you will sell crypto at a better price or increase your crypto.

Limit Orders Strategies:
  1. Buy Low: A common strategy with Limit Orders involves setting a purchase price below the current market rate. This approach enhances purchasing volume and allows for the expansion of your portfolio at a more favorable price.
  2. Sell High: Another strategy offered by Limit Orders is to set a selling price above the current market rate. This opens up opportunities to offload assets at greater profits.
  3. Resistance Price Strategy: This third approach hinges on the token's resistance price. By setting Limit Orders at this price level, users can increase their transaction value over time. Given that the type of token generating income is irrelevant, the capital allocated to the next transaction at this price will always exceed that of the previous one.
What is Auto Replay?
Auto Replay — a feature to reinvest your tokens after the staking period ends without paying a gas commission. It allows you to increase your profit and reduce costs on blockchain transactions.

The best strategy to use Auto Replay is a unidirectional market (when crypto goes only down or only up) or it's flat with low volatility. When it's high volatility in the market, you should understand the possible risks in these periods.
What are the Limit Orders?
Limit Orders are an advanced feature in ReHold's V2 that allows users to kick-start a Dual Investment when a specific price, above or below the current market rate, is hit. This feature doesn't lock your tokens and allows the setup of an unlimited number of orders. Orders are processed in sequence as their set prices are reached, entirely without gas fees. This functionality ensures enhanced flexibility and control over your investments.

Please refer to our article for a more detailed understanding of Limit Orders.
How can I use the Referral Program?
Begin by connecting your wallet and obtaining your unique referral link here. Share this link with your friends and communities. When someone you've referred completes a Dual, you'll earn 10% of the income generated.

Remember, once a user connects their wallet through your referral link, they're permanently associated with your address. This means you'll continue to earn income from their conducted operations. Our program operates across various chains, supports withdrawals to any network available within the ReHold application, and you can withdraw your earnings at your convenience.
How to join the ReHold Affiliate Program?
If you're interested in joining our Affiliate Program aimed at helping you monetize your traffic and improve your audience's DeFi experience, feel free to reach out to us for more details at [email protected].
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