Trust Wallet Token (TWT) | Price Prediction | 150% APR

The Trust Wallet Token (TWT) serves as the proprietary utility token for the Trust Wallet ecosystem and is crafted atop the Binance Smart Chain, adhering to both Bep-2 and Bep-20 protocols. Running on a secondary blockchain layer, it facilitates transactions across a diverse array of altcoins, including Bitcoin, Solana, BSC, and Litecoin. TWT offers staking opportunities for users seeking augmented returns, and it doubles as a governance tool, granting token holders a voice in platform-specific choices, like the incorporation of new tokens. Transaction fees within Trust Wallet, particularly in dealings with decentralized apps (DApps), are processed using TWT.

TWT/ USD Price on ReHold

ReHold employs Chainlink as a decentralized price oracle, ensuring accurate and transparent TWT/USD price data. This decentralized platform aims to mitigate common issues found in centralized exchanges (CEX), such as price spikes, manipulation, and slippage.

How to Earn Passive Income on TWT

One of the primary methods to generate passive income using the Trust Wallet Token involves staking your cryptocurrency assets to yield returns. ReHold presents a Dual Investment solution, enabling users to achieve an annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 150% on TWT Duals.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Price Prediction

TWT's valuation is largely influenced by supply and demand dynamics. Notably, the token's prominence within decentralized applications (dApps) plays a pivotal role, as heightened awareness often results in increased user adoption and subsequently, greater demand for the token, potentially leading to appreciation in its value. From 2021 to 2023, TWT's value remained stable. It's crucial to monitor the token's price in this context.

TWT Value

The Trust Wallet Token's price isn't standardized globally. Instead, its price is determined by referencing the transactions executed on individual exchanges. This price variation arises due to differences in liquidity and trading volume across these distinct exchanges, exerting a notable influence on TWT's valuation.

150% APR on TWT Duals

ReHold introduces a unique DeFi yield-generating solution. By harnessing the ReHold protocol for dual investments, users can aim for an APR of up to 150% with pairs such as TWT/USDC, TWT/USDT, and TWT/BUSD without actively trading.

How to Earn 150% APR on TWT

If you're looking to generate passive income through TWT, ReHold provides an exclusive earning opportunity. By employing the groundbreaking ReHold protocol within the Dual Investments framework, you can potentially achieve an annual percentage rate (APR) of 150% through pairs like TWT/USDC, TWT/USDT, and TWT/BUSD. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Connect Your Wallet Open the ReHold App and connect your Web3 wallet. Choose a Web3 wallet compatible with one or more of these networks: BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum. step_1.png
  2. Choose the TWT Dual Asset Select the dual you need: TWT/USDC, TWT/USDT, and TWT/BUSD. You can start a dual investment with each token of the pair. step_2.png
  3. Choose a Staking Period Select how many hours you want to lock your tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield you will receive. step_3.png
  4. Choose the Start Token Select the start token and the amount you want to invest. You can use the TWT token with the USDT, USDC, or BUSD of the dual asset. step_4.png
  5. Approve the token To start a dual Investment, you need to allow smart contracts to use your tokens. It's required only once for a selected token. step_5.png
  6. Start Your Dual Click “Start Now” to create your TWT dual and receive your reward after the staking period. step_6.png That's it! After the staking period ends, you can either withdraw your assets or start a new Dual Investment. done.png Also, if you are interested in long-term investing, you can activate the auto-replay feature, and your dual will automatically restart when the staking period ends. This will save you gas, simplify the passive income process, and increase your earnings.

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