Dogecoin (DOGE) | Price Prediction | 120% APR

Dogecoin was developed in 2013 as an open-source digital currency with the mission of offering a more playful alternative to Bitcoin. Emerging as a fork from Litecoin's codebase, another top-ranking cryptocurrency, Dogecoin essentially replicates Litecoin's functionalities. However, it distinguishes itself through unique aspects such as its abundant supply and distinct branding.

Since its inception, Dogecoin has climbed the ranks to become one of the market's most valuable digital assets, backed by a devoted community. The cryptocurrency derives its name and logo from the viral "Doge" meme, which showcases a Shiba Inu dog.

DOGE Price on ReHold

ReHold leverages Chainlink technology to link blockchain with external data sets for the purpose of setting the DOGE/USD exchange rate. This decentralized approach to pricing mitigates issues commonly found in centralized exchanges, like price manipulation, sudden spikes, and slippages. Moreover, DOGE's price is fundamentally influenced by market supply and demand dynamics.

How to Earn Passive Income on DOGE

ReHold offers a unique DeFi earning solution through Dual Investments. Dual Investments enable users to earn up to 120% APR on pairs such as DOGE/USDC DOGE/USDT and DOGE/BUSD. By staking their DOGE tokens, users can earn passive income while also contributing to the liquidity of the DOGE market.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Prediction

Predicting the future price of DOGE can be challenging due to factors like the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. A key driver for the DOGE price is the increasing number of users discovering use cases in Dogecoin blockchain. As adoption surges, the DOGE price could potentially hit a new all-time high. However, given the market's volatility, the price of DOGE is always fluctuating.

DOGE Value

The value of DOGE is closely linked to its adoption of Dogecoin blockchain. As more users engage with the blockchain, the demand for DOGE climbs, enhancing its market value. In addition, DOGE value is tied to media attention and recognition; with this, the demand for DOGE is bound to increase.

120% APR on DOGE Duals

DOGE Duals offers an attractive opportunity for users to earn passive income of up to 120% APR on pairs such as DOGE/USDC, DOGE/USDT, and DOGE/BUSD. ReHold maintains robust security measures while using its platform and strives to minimize risks. Start now and unlock unlimited potential opportunities from your DOGE Duals.

How to Earn 120% APR on DOGE

If you're interested in earning passive income on DOGE, ReHold offers a unique DeFi-earning solution where you can earn 120% APR on pairs such as DOGE/USDC, DOGE/USDT, and DOGE/BUSD by using the innovative ReHold protocol at Dual Investments. Follow these six easy steps to get started:

  1. Connect Your Wallet Open the ReHold App and connect your Web3 wallet. You can choose any Web3 wallet that supports BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum. step_1.png
  2. Choose the DOGE Dual Asset Select the dual you need: DOGE/USDC, DOGE/USDT, and DOGE/BUSD. You can start a dual investment with each token of the pair. step_2.png
  3. Choose a Staking Period Select how many hours you want to lock your tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield you will receive. step_3.png
  4. Choose the Start Token Select the Start token and the amount you want to invest. You can use the DOGE token or USDC, USDT, or BUSD of the dual asset. step_4.png
  5. Approve the Token To Start a dual Investment, you need to allow smart contracts to use your tokens. It's required only once for a selected token. step_5.png
  6. Start Your Dual Click “Start Now” to create your DOGE dual and receive your reward after the staking period. step_6.png That's all! Your dual is created, and at the end of the staking period, you can take your assets back to your wallet or open a new Dual. done.png Also, if you are interested in long-term investing, you can activate the auto-replay feature, and your dual will automatically restart when the staking period ends. This will save you gas, simplify the passive income process, and increase your earnings.

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