Cardano (ADA) | Price Prediction | 150% APR

Cardano (ADA) is a native token that plays a vital role in the decentralized blockchain ecosystem. It offers a secure exchange of value without requiring a third party to mediate the exchange, and every transaction is recorded transparently on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardano also allows holders of ADA to participate in the successful running of the network. By delegating their ADA to a stake pool, they can earn rewards and increase the pool's likelihood of receiving rewards. Additionally, in the future, ADA will be usable for various applications and services on the Cardano platform.


ReHold uses Chainlink to determine the price of ADA/USD. This solution allows the use of many validators and nodes. Decentralization in ADA/USD price determination avoids problems such as price manipulation, spikes, and slippages that are present in CEX products.

Earn passive income on Cardano (ADA)

If you're looking for a solution to earn passive income on ADA, ReHold's DeFi Dual Investments can provide an opportunity to earn up to 150% APR on pairs: ADA/USDT, ADA/USDC, and ADA/BUSD. However, it's crucial to DYOR before making any investment decisions.

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction

While predicting ADA's future price is challenging, ReHold provides news, technical analysis, and price updates regularly to help make educated predictions.

Cardano (ADA) value

Ultimately, ADA's value is subjective and varies based on individual perspectives, but ReHold provides the necessary tools to help you get the most out of ADA's value, whether it's monetary or philosophical.

150% APR on ADA Duals

ReHold offers a unique DeFi earning solution. Using the innovative ReHold protocol at Dual Investments, you can earn 150% APR on pairs: ADA/USDT, ADA/USDC, and ADA/BUSD. Try how it works now!

How to Earn 150% APR on Cardano (ADA)

ReHold has created an exceptional DeFi earning solution that provides investors with an opportunity to earn a substantial yield. The innovative ReHold protocol at Dual Investments offers a 150% APR on pairs like ADA/USDT, ADA/USDC, and ADA/BUSD. You can try out this fantastic investment solution in just 6 easy steps:

  1. Connect your wallet Open the ReHold App and connect your web3 wallet. You can choose any web3 wallet that supports BNB Chain, Polygon or Avalanche. step_1.png
  2. Choose the Cardano (ADA) Dual asset Select the dual that you need: ADA/USDT, ADA/USDC or ADA/BUSD. You can start a dual investment with each token of the pair. step_2.png
  3. Choose a staking period Select how many hours you want to lock your tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield you will receive. step_3.png
  4. Choose the start token Select the start token and the amount you want to invest. You can use the Cardano (ADA) token or USDT, USDC, BUSD of the dual asset. step_4.png
  5. Approve the token To start a dual investment, you need to allow smart contracts to use your tokens. It's required only once for a selected token. step_5.png
  6. Start your Dual Click on “Start Now” to create your Cardano (ADA) dual and receive your reward after the staking period. step_6.png That's all! Your Dual is created, and at the end of the staking period, you can take your assets back to your wallet or open a new Dual. done.png

Also, if you are interested in long-term investing, you can activate the auto-replay feature, and your dual will automatically start when the staking period ends. This will save you gas, simplify the passive income process, and increase your earnings.

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