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The 1inch Network is an ecosystem that comprises its own DAO, decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet, and token, which is the 1INCH token. 1INCH token is the governance and utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain, which uses the ERC-20 standard.

1inch is popularly known as a decentralized exchange aggregator that enables users to swap and trade digital assets across several networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more.

The swapping function used on 1inch is known as the ‘Aggregation Protocol,’ which facilitates trading by selecting the most suitable decentralized exchange for users based on transaction fees and cryptocurrency prices, eliminating the need for manual comparison across different DEXs.

Some of the popular exchanges that 1inch aggregates data from include UniSwap, SushiSwap, 0x, Kyber Network, and Balancer.

1INCH Price on ReHold

Using Chainlink's price oracle on ReHold ensures that the price of 1INCH token is continuously updated with high accuracy, protecting users from price manipulation and central control. It enhances the trustworthiness and reliability of the platform, which is essential in cryptocurrency trading and DeFi.

How to Earn Passive Income on 1INCH

Passive income is one of the unique methods to earn 1INCH tokens. To earn passively on ReHold, the platform utilizes the earning method called ‘Dual Investment’ allowing users to earn up to 120% APR on pairs like 1INCH/USDT and 1INCH/USDC.

1INCH Price Prediction

The 1inch network aims to avoid low liquidity, which can result in slippage. Their strategy involves deepening the liquidity pool by scanning a range of DEXs to find the lowest market price for facilitating trades and minimizing price slippage; amidst all these, factors like the token utility and the market equilibrium can affect the price of 1INCH token. However, based on the efforts put into the growth of the token, it has a high likelihood of appreciating in value.

1INCH Value

The 1inch network is dedicated to increasing the value of the 1INCH token, which can have a positive impact on the entire network by facilitating user trading. Also, the value of the token is affected when users engage in the utility of the network, thereby increasing its value.

120% APR on 1INCH Duals

ReHold offers an innovative approach to earning 1INCH token through Dual investment, allowing users to earn up to 120% APR on pairs like 1INCH/USDT and 1INCH/USDC.

How to Earn 120% APR on 1INCH

If you're interested in earning passive income on 1INCH token, ReHold offers a unique DeFi earning solution. You can earn a 120% APR on pairs such as 1INCH/USDC and 1INCH/USDT using the innovative ReHold protocol through the Dual Investment feature. Follow these six simple steps to get started:

  1. Connect your wallet Open the ReHold App and connect your web3 wallet. You can choose any web3 wallet that supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum. step_1.png
  2. Choose the 1INCH Dual Asset Select the dual you need: 1INCH/USDC, 1INCH/USDT. You can start a dual investment with each token of the pair. step_2.png
  3. Choose a Staking Period Select how many hours you want to lock your tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield you will receive. step_3.png
  4. Choose the Start Token Select the start token (either 1INCH, USDT, or USDC) and the amount you want to invest. step_4.png
  5. Approve the Token To start a dual investment, you need to allow smart contracts to use your tokens. It's required only once for a selected token. step_5.png
  6. Start Your Dual Click “Start Now” to create your 1INCH dual and receive your reward after the staking period. step_6.png That's all! Your Dual is created, and at the end of the staking period, you can take your assets back to your wallet or open a new Dual. done.png Also, if you are interested in long-term investing, you can activate the auto-replay feature, and your dual will automatically start when the staking period ends. This will save you gas, simplify the passive income process, and increase your earnings.

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