At ReHold, one of our primary goals is to improve user experience and help them gain the most from their participation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. A significant step we've taken toward achieving this goal is implementing a rewards system for our users, which we call “REDY Point.”

This article provides an in-depth overview of REDY Points and outlines strategies for accruing more points to unlock additional rewards.

Understanding More About REDY Points

REDY Points are specifically designed to encourage and reward the engagement of ReHold’s users by ensuring active participation on our platform and supporting the broader DeFi ecosystem's expansion.

Users accrue REDY Points through various actions on ReHold, such as executing token swaps, initiating dual positions, completing daily quests, enrolling as new users, and referring new users to our platform. These actions are deliberately chosen to improve user engagement with ReHold’s features and to facilitate a more efficient liquidity provision process.

Additionally, REDY Points will be exchangeable for tangible rewards. Detailed information on the conversion mechanism will be disclosed progressively.

How to Earn REDY Points

As previously mentioned, there are several methods by which you can earn REDY Points on the ReHold platform. You may engage in a single process or employ multiple approaches, amplifying your potential earnings. You should know that participating in one activity does not preclude you from engaging in others; you retain full autonomy over the number and type of activities you partake in, directly influencing your earnings.

To clarify how you can maximize your REDY Points, we provide a detailed breakdown of each eligible activity and the specific number of REDY Points you can earn by completing them.

Completing a Token Swap

The swap feature on ReHold is designed to provide an effective method for exchanging your tokens by sourcing the best rates from various DeFi exchanges. Each time you complete a swap on ReHold, you earn REDY Points equivalent to the USD value of the transaction. For instance, if you swap tokens worth $100, you will automatically receive 100 REDY Points, which will be reflected on your dashboard.

Initiating Dual Investment

Each time you successfully open a Dual Investment, or "Dual," you earn REDY Points. A Dual is completed by providing liquidity to a token pair listed on ReHold for 12 or 24 hours. You earn twenty times the USD equivalent in REDY Points for the liquidity provided. For example, if you provide liquidity with a value of $100, you will be rewarded with 2,000 REDY Points.

Daily Quest

To actively engage our community, ReHold offers dedicated daily quests for our users. Each quest comes with its unique set of REDY Points and has a 24-hour time limit, adding an element of excitement and offering a way to expand your DeFi knowledge.

Through Galxe Campaigns

You can accumulate more REDY Points by engaging in ongoing campaigns on Galxe. These campaigns feature straightforward activities that are continuously available, allowing you to join whenever you choose and begin earning rewards. While these opportunities are always open, the specific activities available can change periodically, with reward potentials starting at 1,000 REDY Points.

Referral Program

One of the most effective ways to increase your points on ReHold is through our multi-level referral program. By introducing friends, family, and connections to ReHold, you can significantly boost your earnings. The REDY Points you earn from referrals are calculated as a percentage of the total REDY Points accumulated by your referrals. The program is structured across five levels:

Level 1: 15% Level 2: 8% Level 3: 4% Level 4: 2% Level 5: 1%

Each level has its unique point allocation, rewarding you progressively for expanding your referral network.

How REDY Points Impact ReHold

REDY Points are pivotal in incentivizing user engagement and promoting retention at ReHold. This approach transcends traditional product-led tactics and is fundamental to our broader platform growth strategy.

The referral program is specifically designed to deepen community involvement and expansion, directly aligning with our strategic goals. By completing prescribed tasks and integrating personal connections into ReHold, users not only increase their overall profitability but also contribute to the network's overall success.

REDY Points are also central to ReHold's innovative strategy for introducing users to the Web3 and DeFi environments. This initiative is tailored to provide a seamless transition by mirroring familiar aspects of Web2 applications, thereby simplifying user adaptation while enhancing the potential for financial returns on our platform.

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