ANT to SSV Crypto Swap on ReHold

ReHold Swap introduces the innovative ANT to SSV crypto exchange, a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that operates on the principles of DeFi. With seamless swap functionality, users can effortlessly convert Aragon Network Token (ANT) to SSV Token and vice versa. The exchange also incorporates a reliable price calculator and converter to facilitate smooth transactions and ensure accurate conversion rates.

ANT to SSV Exchange Converter

Before making the ANT/SSV exchange, users can conveniently utilize our price calculator to estimate the amount of SSV they will receive. This feature enables individuals to make informed decisions based on their desired trade volumes and effectively plan their crypto transactions. With our easy-to-use calculation tool, users can gain clarity on the expected outcome of their swap.

Main Features of ReHold Swap

Minimal Slippage

ReHold Swaps offers exceptional liquidity for the ANT/SSV pair, enabling users to execute transactions of any size at any time. Thanks to advanced protocols and efficient market-making strategies, the platform ensures minimal slippage between the executed trade prices and the expected rates for swapping Aragon Network Token to SSV Token. This stability benefits users by delivering accurate and reliable trading experiences.

Best ANT and SSV Market Prices

ReHold's smart routing system empowers users seeking to swap Aragon Network Token to SSV Token. By scanning multiple DEXes, the platform presents users with the most advantageous trading opportunities available, guaranteeing the best market prices for their transactions. Furthermore, ReHold operates with complete transparency, eliminating markups or hidden fees to secure an honest and fair crypto exchange experience.

Comprehensive Chain Support

The ReHold app supports a broad range of blockchains. With compatibility across nine chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Avalanche, Base, and Linea, users gain unparalleled flexibility in managing their crypto assets. This comprehensive blockchain support ensures enhanced accessibility and convenience, allowing users to securely conduct trades across multiple networks.

Dual Investment and Swap Synergy

By combining Dual Investments and Swaps, ReHold presents users with an outstanding synergy that maximizes returns and expands investment opportunities. Through this unique pairing, individuals can increase their earnings by harnessing the potential of both strategies. ReHold offers up to 220% annual percentage rate (APR) for Dual Investments, enhancing profitability and attracting users seeking to optimize their crypto portfolios.

How To Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold

If you're looking to exchange tokens efficiently, ReHold provides a straightforward Swap feature that allows for quick and direct token swaps within its platform.

  1. Open Swap Page Visit or click the Swap in the app to access the Swap page. "How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 1)"
  2. Connect Your Wallet You can connect with a range of wallets including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and others, or even sign in using Gmail for added convenience. "How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 2)"
  3. Select a Token for Swap In the drop-down menu, choose the token you wish to swap and enter the amount. "How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 3)"
  4. Choose Your Desired Token Select the token you aim to receive from the lower drop-down menu. "How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 4)"
  5. Approve the Token Before starting the Swap, authorize smart contracts to access your selected token. This authorization is a one-time requirement per token. "How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 5)"
  6. Execute Your Swap Hit the Swap button and confirm the transaction in your wallet. "How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 6)"

That's all! Your swap was executed and the amount of SSV was sent to your wallet after the transaction was confirmed on the blockchain.

"How to Swap ANT to SSV on ReHold (Step 7)"


In summary, ReHold Swaps epitomizes excellence as a secure cryptocurrency exchange and DEX. With its innovative ANT/SSV exchange, users can easily convert between Aragon Network Token and SSV Token using the platform’s intuitive price calculator. Additionally, ReHold's robust liquidity provision ensures minimal slippage, while smart routing guarantees the best market prices. Combined with support for nine blockchains and the potential for increased returns through Dual Investments, ReHold emerges as the prime choice for crypto asset swapping.

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