Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been a hallmark of the crypto industry revolution. This has highlighted how many improvements can be made from the shortcomings of traditional financial systems where third parties facilitate most transactions, including buying and selling.


With the emergence of smart contracts among DeFi protocols, there have been many innovative ideas regarding managing funds, improving earnings by traders and investors, and different strategies to earn high and better APR.

Among the innovative ideas that decentralized finance has witnessed is the creation of automated market makers and concentrated liquidity market makers (CLMM) systems as many protocols, including the likes of ReHold Protocol, leverage on this concentrated liquidity to enable its users to earn more up to 220% APR in DeFi not minding the current market trends be it bull or bear market.

In this article, we will be having a closer look at how the ReHold protocol helps its users improve their yield strategies through beginner and pro investing strategies and earn higher with the help of crypto diversification to ensure proper risk mitigation.

What Is Concentrated Liquidity Market Makers

A new liquidity pool driven by smart contract algorithms has continued to gain much attention as it concentrates liquidity within a specific price range to enable liquidity providers to maximize capital and earn better yield returns through yield farming.

Concentrated liquidity market makers (CLMM), unlike their counterpart automated market makers, CLMM aims to provide better yield strategy through concentrated liquidity and opportunity for liquidity providers to create individual price curves and also encourage active participation of liquidity providers to constantly adjust prices to earn more from trading fees thereby reducing impermanent losses associated with DeFi trading.

Cryptocurrency trading has, for many years, been characterized by market volatility as this has affected many automated market makers with higher slippages; CLMM aims to solve this with its concentrated liquidity and efficient capital management. CLMM has been much adopted in recent years, including Uniswap V3 being built around this model to provide better efficiency for traders and investors.

With the endless opportunities of the CLMM system of trading, the Rehold protocol has leveraged these benefits to provide a better cryptocurrency investment strategy that favors different crypto market conditions to enable both beginner and pro traders to earn more through its dual investment strategy.

What Is ReHold Protocol

ReHold protocol is a smart contract algorithmic derivative built over CLMM (Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap) to leverage its concentrated liquidity pool feature to enable traders and investors to create short trades within specified price ranges to earn high annual returns (APR) within 12hrs to 24hrs of trading or provide liquidity to pools.

With ReHold App built over CLMMs, it can create a dual investment strategy that favours both beginner investing strategies and pro investing strategies to mitigate risk and improve earning potential up to 220% APR.

ReHold protocol stands out as a top player in the DeFi space regarding earning and the best crypto strategies. Here is why you should trade on ReHold protocol for better earnings:

  • ReHold protocol leverages on concentrated liquidity strategy to provide yield rewards of up to 220% using the dual investment strategy
  • ReHold encourages crypto diversification through beginner investing strategies and pro investing strategies in different market conditions
  • ReHold enables asset allocation as users can trade over 36 plus tokens, which acts as risk mitigation for users while they earn more. ReHold’s partnership with top crypto brands such as Polygon, Chainstack, Unstoppable domains, Avvy domain, and Fantom foundation will influence its contribution to the DeFi space

Let us discuss some trading strategies employed by the ReHold protocol to ensure both beginners and pro traders explore different investment opportunities without worrying about market volatility. Pro traders looking to explore long-term investment goals could also try out using different market indicators or trade based on market trends to ensure higher yield returns.

Beginner Strategies on ReHold

Trading crypto assets can be challenging with little to know trading knowledge, but with ReHold App, beginners do not need trading experience to earn high-yield returns as this requires you to stake tokens into different dual investment plans within a preferred time interval to earn.

There is a need for beginners to use the different asset allocations to mitigate risk and exposure to market volatility while earning from the ReHold App.

Here are the strategies beginner traders can employ to earn on ReHold App:

  1. If you speculate the price of an asset will rise, make stablecoin (USDT, USDC, BUSD) your entry ticker to earn rewards after 12hrs or 24hrs of your locked tokens
  2. If you speculate the price of an asset going down, make cryptocurrency tokens like ETH, BNB, and BTC your entry ticker while you earn rewards in stablecoins after the desired locked time
  3. In a ranging market, your entry ticker doesn’t matter; you will still be rewarded for locking your tokens

Pro Strategies On ReHold

As an advanced trader with in-depth financial analysis skills and exposure to different market indicators, here are strategies to employ on Rehold to boost your yield returns:

  1. Create a Dual Investment with stablecoins to purchase cryptocurrency at a discount or expand your stables at a profit. This will allow you to purchase cryptocurrency at the best market price
  2. Create a dual investment of ETH/BTC if you want to sell it for more stablecoins or buy more if you want to boost your holdings of the digital assets

Both strategies above allow traders to earn more despite market conditions or volatility with a high yield of up to 220% and full custodian of your assets.

How To Create Dual Investment On ReHold

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a dual investment plan on ReHold to earn up to 220% within 12hrs to 24hrs.

  1. Connect your wallet: To access the ReHold app, you need to own a wallet, either Metamask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, DeFi Wallet, or others to enable you to connect to ReHold and stake your assets. step_1.png
  2. Click on the dual asset at the top to choose your preferred dual assets. step_2.png
  3. Choose a staking period. Select how many hours you want to lock your tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield you will receive. step_3.png
  4. Choose the start token. Select the start token and the amount you want to invest. step_4.png
  5. Approve the token. To start a dual investment, you need to allow smart contracts to use your tokens. It's required only once for a selected token. step_5.png
  6. Click on “Start Now” to create your Arbitrum (ARB) dual and receive your reward after the staking period. step_6.png

That's all! Your Dual is created, and at the end of the staking period, you can take your assets back to your wallet or open a new Dual. done.png

ReHold dual investment strategies for beginners and pro traders allow for proper asset allocation and diversification of assets to reduce excessive exposure to market volatility and increase earning opportunities.


ReHold protocol stands out as the best platform to help pro and beginner traders leverage on concentrated liquidity pools and also trade with the best trading strategy that guarantees a high yield of up to 220% despite market volatility.

ReHold Protocol offers an opportunity for asset diversification to mitigate excessive risk to market price actions.

To earn up to 220% APR on staking, visit the official ReHold Protocol website; the application is available also on mobile phones to enable users to earn on the ReHold App with their Trust Wallet and Metamask Wallets installed, or read the Whitepaper to learn more.

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