ReHold introduces a groundbreaking campaign featuring the EURC stablecoin, powered by Avalanche. This event marks the intersection of stability and profitability, where the robustness of the euro meets the innovation of the Avalanche blockchain. Engage with newly launched EURC pairs on ReHold and embark on a month-long journey toward potential high returns, supported by a gas-free transaction incentive. From seasoned traders to curious newcomers, this campaign offers a unique opportunity to enhance your digital asset experience with the trusted stability of EURC.

EURC on ReHold

EURC: A New Stablecoin Benchmark

EURC stands as a testament to stability in the digital economy, exclusively on Avalanche via ReHold, albeit without diminishing its utility. It's a stablecoin with a full-reserve backbone, akin to USDC, but pegged to the euro. Each EURC corresponds to one euro in segregated bank accounts, ensuring its redeemability and reliability.

EURC paves the way for constant and cost-effective global transactions. For businesses, it's a gateway to an expanded clientele and faster finances. Developers can wield EURC in multi-chain ecosystems, and exchanges can facilitate seamless fiat to EURC conversions. Institutional traders can rely on EURC's stability, backed by monthly attestations confirming its robust reserves.

EURC Arrives on ReHold

ReHold rolls out EURC with a suite of pairs including AVAX/EURC, WAVAX/EURC, JOE/EURC, GMX/EURC, QI/EURC, and WETH/EURC. Users can utilize these pairs to potentially earn up to 120% through the consistent use of Dual Investment strategies.

For those looking to acquire EURC, ReHold simplifies the process with a seamless swap functionality, ensuring an easy and efficient trading experience. Start swapping now

Coinciding with the introduction of these pairs, ReHold's campaign, running from November 8 to December 8, promises zero gas fees for Duals on Avalanche, enhancing the trading experience. Highlighting this launch, ReHold also presents a special Galxe campaign, offering additional rewards and driving engagement within the EURC ecosystem.

Unlocking EURC's Potential: The Galxe Campaign

An exclusive campaign is launching on Galxe with a prize pool of $2,000, paid out in AVAX. Participants are required to complete three quests:

  1. Follow ReHold on X (ex Twitter).
  2. Make a Swap on ReHold using EURC.
  3. Create a Dual with EURC on Avalanche.

Galxe Campaign

The prize pool includes one $500 prize, one $200 prize, three $100 prizes, and a hundred $10 prizes. Winners will be selected at random, yet those who claim their NFT earlier will increase their chances of winning the larger prizes

Embrace the EURC Era on ReHold

The launch of EURC on ReHold marks a significant milestone for traders. Explore the EURC market to diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio, and tap into the Galxe campaign for a chance at rewards. Capitalize on the temporary offer of zero gas fees for all Duals on Avalanche to enhance your trading efficiency.

The doors are open: engage with EURC's potential on ReHold. Act now to leverage these offers before they conclude. Take the initiative in stablecoin trading; join the EURC campaign on ReHold today.

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