We're ecstatic to unveil the Arbitrum Festival, a culmination of DeFi brilliance, innovation, and a testament to our commitment to community engagement. This festivity, running from October 16th to 30th, is a heartfelt gesture, crafted with the same passion and enthusiasm you've shown us. Dive in and relish the rewards and experiences we've lined up for you! 

Arbitrum Festival is Live

Welcome to the Arbitrum Festival

From October 16th to 30th, ReHold is proud to showcase the Arbitrum Festival. Within this festivity, participants can expect elevated APRs and trade fee refunds on Arbitrum. Additionally, as a pivotal side quest, we're introducing you to our unique campaign on Galxe, boasting a prize pool of $1,000 for participants. This campaign forms part of the larger Arbitrum Odyssey spearheaded by Arbitrum itself.

Begin your exploration now!

Boosted APRs Through Powerful Collaborations

We are proud to join forces with industry leaders Arbitrum, Radiant Capital, Trader Joe, and GMX. As a result of these strategic alliances, we're offering elevated APRs for $RDNT, $GMX, and $JOE Duals throughout the festival, ensuring our participants enjoy an enhanced trading experience.

Reimbursements on Gas Fees

Experience trading on the Arbitrum Network with an added advantage. We understand the significance of transaction costs, and to enhance your trading freedom, ReHold is committed to reimbursing all your gas transactions. Enjoy seamless trades knowing every gas fee will be promptly returned to your wallet.

Dive Deeper into the Galxe Campaign

A special segment of the Arbitrum Festival is our campaign on Galxe, an integral component of the overarching Arbitrum Odyssey. With a prize pool of $1,000, participants will be engaged with a series of quests, and upon successful completion, can win an array of prizes.

Galxe Campaign

Every campaign participant who completes the Arbitrum Festival on Galxe will be eligible to claim a ReHold NFT. This NFT opens the doors to future ReHold token airdrops and exclusive perks. It’s a token of our appreciation for your dedication!

Embark on this quest and immerse yourself in the journey.

Dive Into the Festival!

We've crafted the Arbitrum Festival with immense dedication, aiming to provide our cherished community with unparalleled experiences and rewards. Your unwavering support has fueled our endeavors, and this festival is our way of celebrating and giving back to you.

Engage in a variety of activities, opportunities to learn, and chances to earn. Together, we aim to make this festival a memorable chapter in our shared journey.

Stay connected for a stream of updates, and don't miss out on all the festival has to offer! Embark on this celebration now!

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