Get ready to launch into a world of fun and finance with ReHold's Super Meme Rocket Boost Campaign, starting February 1st, 2024. This unique campaign is designed for enthusiasts of meme coins, offering extraordinary APRs on select meme coin pairs. Super Memes Rocket Boost Campaign

High-Flying APRs on Meme Coin Pairs

Embrace the spirit of memes with our specially chosen meme coin pairs, featuring some of the most entertaining yet potentially lucrative options in the market. Here’s what’s in store:

  • MEME with APRs ranging from 311% to 400%.
  • PEPE with APRs between 214% and 400%.
  • FLOKI with APRs from 192% to 400%.
  • SHIB with APRs ranging from 118% to 400%.

Boost Your Earnings with Referrals

Our referral program (more information in our Guide). is an exciting way for you to earn more. Refer your friends to join the Super Meme Rocket Boost Campaign and receive 10% from their investments. Simply share your unique link from the ReHold Referral Page.

Surprises and Thrills Await

The campaign isn’t just about attractive APRs; we're also planning a host of surprises and special events to keep the excitement high. Stay tuned for more updates!

Join the Celebration of Memes and Returns

The Super Meme Rocket Boost Campaign is more than an investment opportunity; it's a celebration of the fun and whimsy in the world of finance. Whether you’re a meme coin aficionado or looking for something different in your investment portfolio, this campaign offers a unique blend of entertainment and potential financial gains.

Join us at ReHold for this special campaign where memes meet remarkable returns. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the Super Meme Rocket Boost Campaign!

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