At ReHold, we pride ourselves on pioneering leading DeFi solutions. Our flagship product, Dual Investment, empowers users to earn passively from their cryptocurrencies, simultaneously enhancing liquidity across various DeFi platforms. In a nod to our contributions to reshaping the Web3 and DeFi space, Alchemy bestowed upon us a prestigious grant. This significant recognition has paved our way into the elite Alchemy Amplify program.

ReHold X Alchemy

What the Alchemy Grant Means for ReHold

The grant from Alchemy solidifies ReHold's esteemed position within the Alchemy Amplify program. This partnership allows ReHold to further its commitment to user-focused products. Our primary goal is to elevate our features beyond industry standards, with a keen focus on security. At the same time, Alchemy Amplify works to increase ReHold's visibility in the market.

The grant stands as a nod to ReHold's influential role in the DeFi and Web3 landscape, a role highlighted by key offerings such as the Dual Investment. This alliance not only fortifies ReHold's product suite but also sets the stage for superior user experiences and comprehensive services.

Alchemy Amplify: Elevating Web3 and DeFi Innovations

As a subset of Alchemy – a pivotal blockchain development platform – Alchemy Amplify streamlines the entry for budding developers. Alchemy Amplify serves as a bridge between Web3 developers and their target audience, amplifying their reach and visibility. Alchemy Amplify aims to shorten the innovation cycle for Web3 and DeFi builders by providing access to an extensive network of users through a streamlined go-to-market strategy. 

With Alchemy Amplify championing user engagement and credibility, developers get the bandwidth to zero in on product excellence. This ensures a delightful experience for users. They achieve this through four primary strategies: launching viral marketing campaigns, securing features in Alchemy's Newsletter and blog, endorsing projects via Alchemy's Certified Infrastructure Alliance badge program, and offering resources through the Alchemy Accelerator, which provides mentorship and dedicated support.

ReHold and Alchemy's Infrastructure Synergy

The hallmark of ReHold's exceptional service lies in its nuanced, backstage executions. Among these is the utilization of the Ethereum RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoint provided by Alchemy. This pivotal tool empowers ReHold to serve its users efficiently.

The RPC endpoint's primary role is to deliver data from the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating user actions like transactions. ReHold's reliance on Alchemy's Ethereum RPC nodes for data extraction is evident in the superior performance of its Dual Investments.

The Promising Horizon: ReHold and Alchemy's Future Endeavors

Our bond with Alchemy predates the grant, laying a solid foundation well before our induction into Alchemy Amplify. With the experience of successful interaction between ReHold and Alchemy's Ethereum RPC, one thing is certain: With our entry into Alchemy Amplify, ReHold users can expect unparalleled service. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring our platform operates seamlessly, adheres to the highest industry standards, and continues advancing the decentralized finance frontier.

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