A few weeks ago, we added Polygon to our app, and since then, this network has been leading the way in Duals volumes. To celebrate this milestone, we are pleased to announce the launch of ReHold's Polygon Festival! As part of this event, the ReHold team will made Gas-Refund for all Duals opened on the Polygon network.


Don't miss out! This promotion will only last for 14 days, making it a great opportunity to get to know ReHold and Polygon.

Detailed terms and conditions:

  • The promotion will run from April 17th 12:00 PM UTC to April 30th 12:00 PM UTC.
  • The Gas-Refund will be credited on May 1st to the connected wallets on the Polygon network.
  • There is no limit to the Gas-Refund, and we will refund you as much as you spend.
  • All users are eligible for the promotion.
  • Gas-Refunds are only available for Duals opened on the Polygon network.
  • Gas-Refunds are only available for Duals opened during ReHold's Polygon Festival (April 17th to April 30th).


Q: How do I switch to the Polygon network? A: Use the network selection on the top right.


Q: How do I open a Dual on the Polygon network? A: Follow these six easy steps to open Polygon Duals:

  1. Connect your wallet Open the ReHold App, choose Polygon Network and connect your Polygon wallet.


  1. Choose any available Polygon Network asset Select the token that you need: MATIC, SAND, GHST, QUICK, ETH or BTC. You can start a dual investment with each token of the pair.


  1. Choose a staking period Select how many hours you want to lock your tokens. The longer the staking period, the higher the yield you will receive.


  1. Choose the start token Select the start token and the amount you want to invest.


  1. Approve the token To start a dual investment, you need to allow smart contracts to use your tokens. It's required only once for a selected token.


  1. Start your Dual Click on “Start Now” to create your Polygon Dual and receive your reward after the staking period.


That's all! Your Dual is created, and at the end of the staking period, you can take your assets back to your wallet or open a new Dual.


Q: How do I get a Gas Refund? A: The Gas-Refund will be automatically credited to your wallet on May 1st. You don't need to do anything.

$200 in USDT Raffle During ReHold's Polygon Festival

Plus, you have the chance to not only receive unlimited Gas-Refunds but also win a share of the $200 Prize Pool in the Zealy Polygon Festival ($200 raffle) Sprint!

How can you win a prize?

  1. Join the ReHold community on Zealy.
  2. Complete the tasks in the "Polygon Festival ($200 raffle)" section.
  3. Increase your ranking on the leaderboard.

That's it! The top 10 participants will share in the prize pool:

  • 1st place - $50 in USDT
  • 2nd place - $30 in USDT
  • 3rd place - $20 in USDT
  • 4th-10th places - $10 in USDT
  • 6 random participants - $5 in USDT

Join us and take part in ReHold's Polygon Festival, where you can enjoy unique DeFi Dual Investments with up to 220% APR & Gas-Refund on Polygon network! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn crypto, rewards and have fun with friends.

Invite your friends to join and increase your chances of winning the $200 prize pool in our Polygon Festival ($200 raffle) Zealy Sprint.

Don't wait! Event will end on 30 April, so start participating today and experience the benefits of ReHold's innovative Dual Investment platform on Polygon.

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