What is Chainstack

Chainstack is a platform that enables businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, to build, run, and scale blockchain applications. It provides everything needed to deploy, manage, and scale a blockchain solution, from experimentation to production. With a multi-chain design, it offers a single point of access for all blockchain projects across any protocol. The platform also provides a wealth of information, tools, and tutorials to help get up and running quickly.

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How ReHold utilizes Chainstack

At ReHold, we utilize Chainstack's solutions to enhance the reliability and scalability of our infrastructure. The Chainstack platform has enabled us to seamlessly integrate more than five blockchains into our protocol, allowing us to offer lightning-fast and cost-effective Dual Investments to our users.

“Chainstack has been a game-changer for ReHold. Their platform made it a breeze to integrate more than 5 blockchains into our protocol, providing unparalleled ease and speed. Our users are thrilled with the seamless experience. With Chainstack, we've achieved new levels of scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency, making our project and our users happier than ever before” – Michael Semin, ReHold CTO.

If you are looking for a solution to enhance your blockchain infrastructure, we highly recommend checking out Chainstack.

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