Step into the thrilling realm of DeFi with ReHold's groundbreaking innovation: REDY Points and the exciting prospect of our token airdrop. These digital gems aren't just tokens – they're the golden ticket to a world where every crypto adventure brings unprecedented rewards.

Picture this: Each REDY Point earned is a victory in your crypto conquest, a testament to your savvy in navigating the ever-shifting tides of DeFi. Whether you're delving into Dual Investment, diving headfirst into Currency Swap, conquering Daily Quests, or rallying your comrades through our referral system, each action is a stroke of brilliance that earns you a piece of the crypto pie.

In the vast expanse of the crypto cosmos, REDY Points shine like constellations guiding your journey. With every accumulation, you're not just amassing digital currency – you're harnessing the power to unlock hidden treasures, seize lucrative opportunities, and stake your claim in the frontier of financial freedom.

So, fellow crypto voyager, buckle up and prepare to embark on an odyssey like no other. Let the adventure begin.

REDY points Airdrop

To enhance the clarity and utility of the ReHold referral rewards system, let's consolidate the benefits you gain from referring friends, including earnings from Welcome Bonuses, Dual Investment, Swap, and Daily Quests. This comprehensive overview demonstrates the cumulative percentage earnings you receive from various activities of your referrals, spread across up to five levels of referral depth.

Dual Investment

Dive into Dual Investment for higher yield opportunities, earning double the REDY Points compared to Swap. Each USD in Dual Investment equals 20 REDY. For example, if you engage in a Dual Investment of $1000, you are rewarded with 20,000 REDY Points. This direct correlation between investment volume and reward points underscores the lucrative nature of Dual Investment, making them a cornerstone of savvy investment strategies within the ReHold ecosystem.

Currency Swap

Engage in Swap on ReHold and receive 10 REDY Points for each USD swapped. This ensures that with every transaction, regardless of its size, you're not only fine-tuning your investment strategy but also accumulating valuable REDY Points. For instance, a Swap transaction of $1000 directly translates to 10,000 REDY Points, instantly rewarding your trading activity.

Daily Quests

Engage in Daily Quests on ReHold to not only enhance your DeFi knowledge but also to accumulate 100 REDY Points every day. Each quest is designed with a 24-hour timer, encouraging regular participation. What makes these quests even more rewarding is that your referrals also benefit from completing them.

Welcome Bonus

New users are warmly welcomed with a 100 REDY Welcome Bonus, automatically applied after their first transaction. Additionally, this welcome extends into the referral system, enabling you to earn REDY Points from the activities of your referrals right from the start. This mechanism ensures that both you and your network can benefit from the very beginning, weaving a fabric of mutual growth and rewards as you explore the vast opportunities within ReHold.

The Synergy of Independent and Referral Rewards

By combining your independent activities with the power of referrals, you unlock a comprehensive strategy for DeFi success. Whether it's through your investments or by fostering a thriving referral network, ReHold is here to ensure that your DeFi journey is as rewarding as possible.

Welcome to the future of finance, where your individual efforts and community engagement pave the way for unparalleled rewards.

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