In an evolving financial landscape, maintaining a robust risk management strategy is critical for any DeFi Protocol. One of ReHold's key risk management mechanisms involves the adaptation of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).


Adjusting to Market Conditions

Today, we are announcing an adaptation of our APR in response to the current market conditions. As financial markets experience fluctuations, our protocol algorithm has initiated an essential adjustment to cope with these changes. This is a testament to our commitment to ensuring a balance between risk and reward for our users.

Temporary Measures for Dynamic Markets

However, this adaptation is a temporary measure. We recognize that market conditions are fluid and dynamic, and as such, we are prepared to reassess our rates when the market shifts again. Our primary goal is to provide our users with the most competitive rates possible while ensuring the sustainability of our protocol.

We believe this adjustment will better enable us to manage the risks associated with market volatility and will allow us to continue providing the best possible service to our users.

Navigating the Changes: Detailed Information

Below is a list detailing the changes that will come into effect:

BNB ChainAVAX / USDT220%200%
BNB ChainAVAX / USDC220%200%
BNB ChainAVAX / BUSD220%200%
BNB ChainSHIB / USDT220%180%
BNB ChainSHIB / USDC220%180%
BNB ChainSHIB / BUSD220%180%
BNB ChainNEAR / USDT220%200%
BNB ChainNEAR / USDC220%200%
BNB ChainNEAR / BUSD220%200%
BNB ChainDOT / USDT220%180%
BNB ChainDOT / USDC220%180%
BNB ChainDOT / BUSD220%180%
BNB ChainATOM / USDT220%180%
BNB ChainATOM / USDC220%180%
BNB ChainATOM / BUSD220%180%
BNB ChainFIL / USDT220%180%
BNB ChainFIL / USDC220%180%
BNB ChainFIL / BUSD220%180%
BNB ChainVET / USDT220%200%
BNB ChainVET / USDC220%200%
BNB ChainVET / BUSD220%200%
BNB ChainAAVE / USDT220%180%
BNB ChainAAVE / USDC220%180%
BNB ChainAAVE / BUSD220%180%
BNB ChainAXS / USDT220%160%
BNB ChainAXS / USDC220%160%
BNB ChainAXS / BUSD220%160%
BNB ChainFET / USDT220%200%
BNB ChainFET / USDC220%200%
BNB ChainFET / BUSD220%200%
BNB ChainMASK / USDT220%200%
BNB ChainMASK / USDC220%200%
BNB ChainMASK / BUSD220%200%
BNB ChainMATIC / USDT200%180%
BNB ChainMATIC / USDC200%180%
BNB ChainMATIC / BUSD200%180%
BNB ChainLINK / USDT180%160%
BNB ChainLINK / USDC180%160%
BNB ChainLINK / BUSD180%160%
BNB ChainBCH / USDT180%150%
BNB ChainBCH / USDC180%150%
BNB ChainBCH / BUSD180%150%
BNB ChainADA / USDT175%150%
BNB ChainADA / USDC175%150%
BNB ChainADA / BUSD175%150%
BNB ChainLTC / USDT175%150%
BNB ChainLTC / USDC175%150%
BNB ChainLTC / BUSD175%150%
BNB ChainXLM / USDT175%150%
BNB ChainXLM / USDC175%150%
BNB ChainXLM / BUSD175%150%
BNB ChainXRP / USDT150%120%
BNB ChainXRP / USDC150%120%
BNB ChainXRP / BUSD150%120%
BNB ChainBNB / USDT140%120%
BNB ChainBNB / USDC140%120%
BNB ChainBNB / BUSD140%120%
BNB ChainWBNB / USDT140%120%
BNB ChainWBNB / USDC140%120%
BNB ChainWBNB / BUSD140%120%
BNB ChainETH / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainBNB / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainWBNB / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainXRP / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainAVAX / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainMATIC / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainLTC / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainATOM / BTCB100%80%
BNB ChainLINK / BTCB100%80%
ArbitrumETH / WBTC100%80%
ArbitrumWETH / WBTC100%80%
AvalancheAVAX / USDT220%200%
AvalancheAVAX / USDC220%200%
AvalancheAVAX / DAI.e220%200%
AvalancheWAVAX / USDT220%200%
AvalancheWAVAX / USDC220%200%
AvalancheWAVAX / DAI.e220%200%
OptimismETH / WBTC100%80%
OptimismWETH / WBTC100%80%
PolygonMATIC / USDT200%180%
PolygonMATIC / USDC200%180%
PolygonMATIC / DAI200%180%
PolygonWMATIC / USDT200%180%
PolygonWMATIC / USDC200%180%
PolygonWMATIC / DAI200%180%
PolygonSAND / USDT200%180%
PolygonSAND / USDC200%180%
PolygonSAND / DAI200%180%
PolygonGHST / USDT200%180%
PolygonGHST / USDC200%180%
PolygonGHST / DAI200%180%
PolygonQUICK / USDT200%180%
PolygonQUICK / USDC200%180%
PolygonQUICK / DAI200%180%
PolygonWETH / WBTC100%80%
PolygonMATIC / WBTC100%80%
PolygonWMATIC / WBTC100%80%
PolygonGHST / WBTC100%80%
PolygonQUICK / WBTC100%80%

Our Commitment to You: Ensuring Long-term Viability

We want to assure you that these adjustments are a crucial part of our risk management strategy. They are designed to help us ensure the long-term viability of our platform and offer you the best possible returns under the current market conditions.

Thank you for your continued trust and understanding as we navigate these changes together. We are committed to providing you with regular updates and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Remember, ReHold is here for you, continually adjusting and adapting to ensure your financial success.

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