In our ongoing endeavor to enhance user experience, ReHold is proud to highlight its integration with Unstoppable Domains, a trailblazer in the provision of Web3 domains. This enables users to use their Web3 domains in a more simplified and personal way for their crypto transactions and interactions.

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Understanding the Power of Web3 Domains

Web3 Domains, similar to traditional .com or .info, are new web extensions launched as smart contracts on blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon Network. They offer perpetual ownership with a one-time payment and no renewal fees.

These domains emphasize self-custody, making them a cornerstone of decentralization. As an owner, you enjoy several benefits that are exclusive to Web3 Domains:

  • Protection from third-party seizure.
  • Ability to enable decentralized websites.
  • Hassle-free global transferability.
  • Full control over domain management features.

Web3 Domains allow you to replace complex cryptocurrency addresses with easy-to-remember names. Once claimed, your domain resides as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in your crypto wallet, completely decentralized. Unstoppable Domains has no control over domains post-claim, thus assuring you sole ownership.

ReHold & Unstoppable Domains: A Harmonious Integration

The integration of ReHold with Unstoppable Domains not only enhances users' interaction with their digital assets but also broadens the spectrum of possibilities. With Unstoppable Domains now supporting Ethereum Name Service (ENS)-based .eth domains, we're thrilled to share that .eth will be a default part of the forthcoming ReHold V2. This simplifies the user experience, eliminating the need for long and complex wallet addresses, and allows users to utilize their unique .eth domains for a more streamlined experience.

This development marks a significant milestone in our journey with Unstoppable Domains and symbolizes our ongoing commitment to adapt and grow with the dynamic world of Web3. Our collaboration celebrated this step forward by offering an exclusive discount for our users. A lucky 100 ReHold users enjoyed a 20% discount, up to $500, on their future Web3 domain purchases.

Our commitment to innovation and user satisfaction remains steadfast, with the Unstoppable Domains integration being a key stride toward enhancing the DeFi experience for our community. We are excited to have you on this journey and eagerly await your distinctive use of Web3 domains!

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