ReHold and SPACE ID: Improving Accessibility and User Experience

At ReHold, one of our central missions is to simplify the user experience and make engagement with our platform — and the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem — intuitive and effortless. In a significant step towards this objective, we've integrated the SPACE ID naming service, allowing users to have Web3 domains. This ensures that every transaction is both simpler and more personalized.

Web3 domains are human-readable and personalized names, like rehold.bnb and rehold.arb, allowing users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and other blockchain components.


Understanding More About SPACE ID

SPACE ID, as an all-in-one platform for Web3 identity, stands at the forefront of Web3 services, marking the dawn of a new era. Its four core offerings allow users to discover, manage, register, and trade digital identities across various chains, including BNB, Ethereum, and Arbitrum.


ReHold and SPACE ID Integration: Elevating User Experience and Opportunities

Our collaboration with SPACE ID highlights ReHold's commitment to user convenience and platform efficiency. By incorporating SPACE ID's Web3 Name SDK, we offer ReHold users an escape from lengthy wallet addresses, allowing them to leverage intuitive .bnb and .arb domains directly within our app. These human-readable identifiers significantly enrich the user experience.

Web3 Domain Milestone: Enhanced Benefits for ReHold Users

With the achievement of this significant milestone, ReHold users can now enjoy more than just the advantages of owning a Web3 domain. In addition to improved security and the ability to interact with multiple decentralized applications (dApps), users can expect:

  • Enhanced wallet interaction and management.
  • A more optimized user experience.
  • Cross-chain compatibility for expansive blockchain interactions.

ReHold x SPACE ID: Integration Celebration and Giveaway Highlights

ReHold and SPACE ID have joined forces for an exciting collaboration on Galxe, an innovative platform that fosters Web3 communities and rewards loyalty. We're thrilled to announce that this remarkable partnership has resulted in awarding 20 SPACE ID gift cards, as a token of our appreciation.

During the campaign period, ReHold's Galxe page was bustling with engagement. Participants had the chance to interact with us through various activities, such as following ReHold on X (formerly Twitter), engaging with our tweets, and connecting with select SPACE ID accounts on X. The response was overwhelming, and we're grateful for the enthusiasm shown by the community.

As the campaign concluded on August 25, 2023, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the lucky winners of the SPACE ID gift cards. This collaboration not only brought our communities closer together but also emphasized our dedication to enhancing the user experience in the Web3 space.

Advancing Decentralized Digital Identity with ReHold

At ReHold, we exemplify our commitment to simplicity through the integration of decentralized digital identities. This innovation enhances our services, including Dual Investment, enabling users to earn from their cryptocurrency holdings, and ensuring smooth interactions. Moreover, the integration of SPACE ID domains underlines our dedication to decentralization and community values.

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