At ReHold, our commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly DeFi experience has led us to work with PeckShield, a renowned blockchain security company. Through their audit services, we ensure the robustness and reliability of our platform.

ReHold and PeckShield: Boosting DeFi Security & Trust | ReHold's Robust Audit Results

PeckShield: Elevating Blockchain Security

PeckShield Inc. is a forerunner in blockchain security, dedicated to improving the security, privacy, and usability of existing blockchain ecosystems. They offer premier services and products, including smart contract auditing, a service which ReHold has availed to enhance its platform security.

PeckShield's Audit Reinforces ReHold's Reliability

PeckShield conducted a thorough audit of ReHold's design and implementation, reinforcing the strength of our platform's well-structured and organized codebase. They also commended our pioneering work in decentralizing Dual Investments, creating an easy-to-use interface that caters to beginners.

No critical issues were found during the audit, underlining the robustness and reliability of our platform. We received several valuable recommendations from PeckShield that we have integrated into subsequent updates, reinforcing our commitment to continuous improvement and platform enhancement

To sum it up, our collaboration with PeckShield underlines ReHold's unwavering commitment to security and transparency. Together, we are shaping a more secure and reliable DeFi ecosystem, ensuring ReHold remains a trusted choice for users seeking high-yield, short-term investments.

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