As we step into the thrilling realms of our latest campaign, ReHold invites you on a journey brimming with financial growth and festive joy, especially as we celebrate the milestone of 100,000 Duals. Commencing on January 5th, 2024, this opportunity promises to elevate your investment experience. Let's delve into the intricate details of what this fresh campaign, with a special focus on the 100,000th Dual, has in store.

Join the Festive Celebration of 100,000th Dual with ReHold's Exclusive Offer!

Create a Dual and Win $500

Be an integral part of this joyous celebration of 100,000th Dual! Invest with ReHold, create a Dual, and let us add a sparkle of prosperity to your journey! Remember, only the 100,000th Dual user will receive the extra $500 bonus along with the soaring APRs.

The pairs include:

  • MEME/USDT: 300-400%
  • PEPE/USDT: 240-320%
  • ARB/USDT: 200-320%
  • SOL/USDT: 240-300%
  • LINK/USDT: 200-300%
  • FTM/USDT: 200-300%
  • ETH/USDT: 200-250%
  • BTC/USDT: 150-250%
  • AVAX/USDT: 200-250%
  • FLOKI/USDT: 190-240%
  • MATIC/USDT: 180-240%
  • SHIB/USDT: 170-230%

Referral Rewards for All

Even if you're already a seasoned Dual investor with ReHold, there's an additional benefit for you. Our streamlined referral program lets you share the joy of investing with friends and earn rewards effortlessly. Visit the ReHold Referral Page, secure your unique referral link, and start sharing. You'll earn a generous 10% from your friends' Dual investments – an efficient and straightforward way to boost your earnings during this festive season of celebrating 100,000th Dual.

Join us in this exciting journey, invest, and let ReHold infuse a burst of prosperity into your financial endeavors!

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