Limit Duals, a fresh feature in ReHold V2, provides users the flexibility to automate investment strategies, setting orders that trigger at chosen market prices, thus empowering users to optimize their investment maneuvers without the need to lock their tokens. Read on to discover how this innovative feature enhances your trading experience.

Introducing Limit Duals: Streamlining Investments on ReHold V2

Understanding Limit Duals

Limit Duals are an innovative feature in ReHold's V2, offering a dynamic new approach to dual investment strategies. The unique advantage of Limit Duals is that they come into action when a particular price point, set by the user, is reached above or below the current market value. This facilitates strategic investing without the requirement of locking user tokens and provides unprecedented flexibility in creating and managing investments.

With Limit Duals, users are empowered to create an unlimited number of orders, opening the gates to diverse and personalized investment strategies. What sets this feature further apart is its gas-free operation. The orders created by users are processed in the order of their price levels being reached, all without incurring any gas fees. This essentially revolutionizes the trading experience, minimizing costs while maximizing potential returns.

Introducing Limit Duals: Streamlining Investments on ReHold V2

Limit Duals: Features & Benefits

A key highlight of Limit Duals is the complete control it grants users over their funds. Unlike traditional methods, your money stays in your wallet until the transaction is triggered. This feature allows users to place an unlimited number of limit orders, and the first to reach the set price gets executed. However, if the wallet lacks sufficient funds to complete the order at the time of execution, the order gets automatically cancelled.

Fixed APR: One of the distinctive features of Limit Duals is that users not only control the opening price, but also the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a deal. If the APR at the time of execution does not align with the user-defined rate, the transaction is automatically cancelled, providing an additional layer of security. Moreover, to place an order, users only need to approve the tokens, further simplifying the process.

Introducing Limit Duals: Streamlining Investments on ReHold V2

Gas-Free: The standout feature of Limit Duals is that all transactions are executed gas-free. There are absolutely no fees involved - neither for placement nor for deal execution. This drastically reduces the costs associated with trading. Moreover, operations such as Replay and Auto-Replay are also gas-free. Furthermore, Limit Duals' multi-chain functionality allows operations on various networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

Yield Generation: Limit Duals offer a unique potential for profit generation. Unlike traditional limit orders, these innovative tools provide users with yield on their trades, thus boosting their earning potential significantly.

Here are two compelling use-cases for yield generation with Limit Duals using ETH/USDT as an example:

  • Long Position: If you're planning to sell your ETH at a higher price, you set your desired price and earn yield. If the price reaches your set level, your Dual will be started and after the staking period, you sell your ETH and get USDT as well as an additional USDT yield. If the price doesn't hold your set level, your ETH holdings increase due to the generated yield in ETH.
  • Short Position: If you plan to buy ETH at a lower price, you set your desired price and earn yield. If the price drops to your set level, your Dual is initiated and post the staking period, you buy ETH and additionally gain yield in USDT. If the price doesn't drop to your set level by the end of the deal, your USDT holdings increase due to the generated yield in USDT.

Limit Duals form an integral part of the advanced functionality within ReHold V2. With the integration of Ethereum Mainnet, a significant breakthrough has been made, dramatically reducing gas costs to levels similar to standard token transfers. This innovative approach exemplifies ReHold's commitment to crafting a user-friendly, affordable, and universally accessible crypto platform.

Further enhancing the efficiency, ReHold V2 employs the two-layer scaling system of the Arbitrum Nova network. Known for its high transactions per second (TPS) and stability, Arbitrum Nova amplifies the benefits of Limit Duals, providing an optimal environment for their operation.

Mastering Limit Duals: Key Strategies and Risks

As Limit Duals enter the game, the landscape of investment strategies in ReHold V2 takes an exciting turn. It's essential to be tactful in choosing your strategies, as the right choice can greatly amplify your gains. The introduction of Limit Duals broadens your scope, offering unprecedented flexibility and opportunities.

Now, let's dive into some key strategies you can employ with Limit Duals.

Buy Low: A common strategy with Limit Duals involves setting a purchase price below the current market rate. This approach enhances purchasing volume and allows for the expansion of your portfolio at a more favorable price.

Sell High: Another strategy offered by Limit Duals is to set a selling price above the current market rate. This opens up opportunities to offload assets at greater profits.

Resistance Price Strategy: This third approach hinges on the token's resistance price. By setting Limit Duals at this price level, users can increase their transaction value over time. Given that the type of token generating income is irrelevant, the capital allocated to the next transaction at this price will always exceed that of the previous one.

While these strategies present exciting possibilities, it's important to acknowledge the associated risks. Price slippage is a key risk factor to consider. Common in decentralized exchanges, price slippage refers to the difference between the expected trade price and the executed trade price. This discrepancy is due to market fluctuations that can change the price of a token during a transaction.

Closing Thoughts

Limit Duals, a unique feature in ReHold V2, marks an innovative step in our project. By offering enhanced strategy possibilities, it grants you the flexibility to buy low, sell high, or leverage price resistance, thus creating a robust environment to maximize your profits. Now is the time to put this into practice. We encourage you to discover Limit Duals and unlock new strategies, harnessing the full potential of your investments. Join us on this exciting journey with ReHold V2. Let's explore the future together.

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