The blockchain industry has seen tremendous innovation over the years, with the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) becoming a huge addition to blockchain technologies. Many other DeFi services are created by developers for others to access.


The DeFi sector of the blockchain industry has remained a hotbed for different innovations as it provides non-custodial financial services that are different from centralized financial systems, with the possibility of having control over your funds and higher annual returns (APR).

This article focuses on DeFi protocols, how they work, how to maximize earnings using DeFi protocols, and a step-by-step guide to using ReHold App to earn up to 220% APR.

What are DeFi Protocols

DeFi protocols are a set of codes, procedures, and rules embodied by smart contracts on the blockchain to help govern decentralized finance services and applications.

This set of protocols allows staking, lending and borrowing, trading, yield farming, and more. Most of these protocols run autonomous programs designed to address the issues facing the traditional financial system.

DeFi protocols utilize a system of peer-to-peer to conduct financial services without the intervention of a third-party. Users can access different DeFi protocols and technology without scrutiny while ensuring the privacy and safety of funds.

DeFi protocols typically simplify the complexities that users encounter when interacting with them, by building on and improving traditional financial systems. This is achieved by consolidating trading and liquidity pools, which enables users to find the best yields and lowest prices on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Examples of these DeFi protocols include:

  • MakerDAO — Users can borrow and lend cryptocurrencies with the help of smart contracts using a collateral system enabled by MakerDAO’s stablecoin called DAI. This allows users to focus more on lending and borrowing as most backend complexities have been eliminated for them.
  • Curve — Curve is a liquidity aggregator that enables users to swap pegged assets with other identical pegs as its native token CRV is given to reward others for their frictionless trades.
  • ReHold Protocol — Users can easily earn up to 220% APR from the dual investment staking strategy employed by ReHold.
  • Compound — Compound is a decentralized marketplace that provides lending and borrowing opportunities to users.

How Do DeFi Protocols Work?

Innovative DeFi protocols offer various financial services that are enabled for users with the help of smart contracts on the blockchain. For instance, the smart contract takes care of the backend intricacies for users to allow access to different financial services such as lending and borrowing, yield farming, liquidity pools, and more with the help of smart contracts.

To access all of these DeFi services, a wallet, and some tokens are needed to pay transaction fees.

Decentralized finance is built on the blockchain to enable transactions and secure databases as transactions verified by other users are saved in an encrypted block. Each piece of information in a saved block is linked to another block, as this forms the blockchain.

With the explanation of DeFi protocols, peer-to-peer transactions are initiated, and a borrower is matched with the terms of a lender as a loan is initiated, but loans are received upon verification of the consensus mechanism as the borrower will receive the loan, and the lender starts collecting payments on the agreed time.

There are no limits to the services provided by DeFi protocols as compared to the traditional financial systems as you can have access to derivatives, high yield returns of up to 220%, money markets, and savings with no third-party as all of these services are permissionless and involve no third-party.

Maximizing Earnings with DeFi Protocols

DeFi protocols allow users to interact with these technologies for different opportunities as tokens are used in a variety of ways, like staking, yield farming, and lending, to earn up to 220% annual returns in simple ways on different platforms.

Let’s consider some of these ways to earn high-yield returns by interacting with different DeFi services.

  • Staking on exchange

    Staking is a DeFi protocol that requires users to offer up their cryptocurrency tokens to help validate transactions on the blockchain network while offering incentives in the form of crypto tokens in return within a particular period. Users are allowed to withdraw their tokens when they wish.

  • Yield farming

    Yield farming combines the different crypto earning strategies to make better returns across multiple platforms as users who own tokens look for high earn APY/APR depending on time and risk-to-reward appetite.

  • Staking Pool 

    Staking pool, although similar to staking on an exchange but differs in the sense that the staking is done directly on the blockchain. Tokens are delegated to a validator with the help of a wallet. Once a validator earns rewards from staked tokens, rewards are shared among all those who staked their tokens, with rewards varying from different staking pools.

Despite the enormous potential in leveraging different innovative DeFi protocols, risk traders and investors must be cautious of issues:

  1. Smart contracts risk
  2. Exploitations and vulnerabilities
  3. Exposure to market volatility

Although risks are attached to trading DeFi protocols, the benefit has outweighed those of traditional finance as it aims to help users earn more and control their funds.

ReHold protocol, one of the top and innovative DeFi protocols, has ensured the risks associated with DeFi trading are eliminated through the following:

  • ReHold protocol has been audited by PeckShield Inc - a leading blockchain security company.
  • ReHold consists of specialized blockchain and smart contract developers to ensure smart contract standards are maintained.
  • ReHold has designed high-effective strategies to maximize yield returns for users in different market conditions.

Apart from eliminating the risks associated with DeFi protocols, the ReHold protocol aims to help traders and investors earn up to 220% APR within a short period while staking on the ReHold App.

Steps to Start Earning with ReHold Protocol

ReHold protocol is a dual-investment, short-term staking platform that supports 6 blockchains: BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, and Fantom through the use of smart contracts. Its innovative algorithm leverages concentrated liquidity provisions to provide lucrative price ranges for DEX traders, allowing them to create short-term trades and earn high-yield returns of up to 220% within a short period (12-24 hours)

ReHold has been designed to be beginner-friendly and has strived to remain unique by providing strategies that help users to earn in both bull and bear market fluctuations in crypto prices, making the platform more profitable than holding crypto tokens.

Here is a step-by-step guide to earning using the ReHold App:

  1. Create a web3 wallet — To earn up to 220% APR on the ReHold platform, you must own a Metamask Wallet, Trust Wallet, or another wallet that supports WalletConnect. If you already have a Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet, head over to the ReHold App and launch the app to connect your wallet.


  2. Connect wallet — Ensure your wallet is connected to any of your preferred networks on the ReHold App to enable you to participate in the staking pools.   


  3. Select the type of dual asset and the duration of staking — Decide on the dual assets and duration you will wish to stake your asset for high earning yields. Make a deposit of the assets into your wallet you wish to stake.
  4. Stake your tokens — After confirmation of token arrival, you can go ahead and stake the tokens to earn a high APR of up to 220%.


    After choosing the staking plan and period, you can confirm your investment by allowing the tokens to be staked at the bottom.


  5. Start your dual investment — Click on the “Start now” button to initiate your dual investment and receive rewards after a period selected for your preferred dual token investment.

The ReHold App has been designed with beginners in mind, so you do not need technical knowledge to stake and earn on ReHold as the steps are simple.

Enjoying the benefit of interacting with DeFi protocols requires a good strategy and deliberate effort. ReHold Protocol has put out a strategy that helps all users, both beginners and advanced traders, earn in bull and bear market conditions.


  1. If you speculate the price will go in an uptrend, create a Dual Investment with stablecoins USDT, USDC, BUSD or DAI as an entry ticker.
  2. If you speculate the price to go down, create a Dual Investment with crypto BTC, ETH, BNB (and other cryptos) as an entry ticker.
  3. If the market will be in a range or no volatility mode, your entry ticker doesn’t matter – you may receive guaranteed profit on any ticker you want.


  1. You can create a Dual Investment with stablecoins if you want to buy cryptocurrency at a discount or increase your stablecoins at a profit, depending on your preference.
  2. Create a Dual Investment with cryptocurrency if you want to sell it for more money or get more crypto assets. This will allow you to do both of those things.


Many types of promising DeFi protocols exist, including those for yield farming, staking, lending, borrowing, trading, automated market-making, and more. The category is proliferating, sparking a world of new innovation across finance.

New DeFi protocols offer a promising alternative to traditional finance systems, with the potential for higher yields and faster transactions. However, it is vital to understand the risks associated with DeFi protocols and to do extensive research before investing.

By following our practical guide and utilizing DeFi yield protocols like ReHold Protocol, users can earn significant returns on their digital assets. ReHold Protocol offers users a unique opportunity to participate in the DeFi ecosystem and earn potentially high yields on their investments.

With its innovative and secure smart contract technology and scalable infrastructure, ReHold Protocol can accommodate a large number of users, ensuring that transactions are completed quickly and efficiently. Visit the ReHold App to stake your tokens and earn up to 220% APR or read the Whitepaper to learn more.

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