This holiday season, we are amplifying the festive cheer for all ReHolders! Embrace a slew of exclusive opportunities, each offering a unique way to enhance your investment journey. We've lined up an array of special treats: APRs soaring as high as 400%, an enticing $200 prize pool, and the engaging Galxe campaign. Dive into our comprehensive article for more insights.

Celebrate Christmas with ReHold: Unwrap Up to 400% APR

Festive APR Boost for New Users

This holiday season, ReHold is rolling out a special Christmas campaign from December 24th, 2023 to January 1st, 2024, welcoming new users to the exciting world of DeFi. Dive into our Dual Investment feature and experience a remarkable increase in APRs on 12 different token pairs, with rates soaring up to 400%! Just open a Dual investment during the campaign period, and you're set to join the celebration of returns.

The pairs include:

  • MEME/USDT: 300-400%
  • PEPE/USDT: 240-320%
  • ARB/USDT: 200-320%
  • SOL/USDT: 240-300%
  • LINK/USDT: 200-300%
  • FTM/USDT: 200-300%
  • ETH/USDT: 200-250%
  • BTC/USDT: 150-250%
  • AVAX/USDT: 200-250%
  • FLOKI/USDT: 190-240%
  • MATIC/USDT: 180-240%
  • SHIB/USDT: 170-230%

Even if you're already an experienced Dual investor with ReHold, there's a benefit for you. Our streamlined referral program allows you to share the joy of investing with friends and earn rewards in the process. Simply visit the ReHold Referral Page, obtain your unique referral link, and start sharing. You'll earn 10% from your friends' Dual investments. It's an efficient and straightforward way to boost your earnings this festive season. For more information, visit our Referral Program Guide.

Festive Giveaway: $200 Prize Pool

ReHold is bringing an extra thrill to our Christmas campaign for all users. In a special giveaway, we're distributing $200 among 10 randomly selected participants who engage in Dual investments during the campaign. This festive incentive is open to everyone, welcoming both new and existing users to be part of this rewarding experience.

Coming Soon: Galxe Christmas Campaign

And there's more ahead: we're gearing up for an exciting Christmas campaign in partnership with Galxe. Soon to be announced, this collaboration promises an array of extra prizes for all ReHold users. Keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement with all the details.

A Season of Joy and Profit with ReHold

This Christmas, ReHold brings a blend of festivity and finance, offering a unique opportunity to grow your investments in the spirit of the season. Whether you're starting your journey with us or already enjoying the benefits of Dual investments, our Christmas campaign is designed to make your holiday season not just merry, but also financially rewarding.

Join us in this festive celebration, invest, and let ReHold add a sparkle of prosperity to your Christmas!

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